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  • Name: Hydraulic Shearing Machine
  • No.: HSM-001
  • Time: 2016-10-24
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1. Main Features:

1.Totally EU streamlined design,Monoblock by welding robots & aparatus andstress relief process by Annealing treatment.

2.Adopt integrated hydraulic system, more reliable and easy for maintenance.And the hydraulic system from Bosch-Rexroth,Germany,

3.The Hydraulic Guillotine is a Swing Beam Action machine which is produced in a variety of cutting lengths and capacity options.

4.Thedistanceof the backgauge is adjusted by the motor and is well adjustment is displayed by E21with Delta inverter.

5.Equipped with lighting-alignment, so as to align when shearing. The stroke of knife beam can be adjusted in step-less mode.

6.Safe fence and the electric interlocker have been designed for the machine to ensure the operation safetyto CE regulation.

2. Standard Equipment:

●Estun E21sNC controlSystem

●PoweredBack gaugeX-axis

●DELTAInvertercontrolled back gauge

●HIWIN Ball screws & Polished rodwith 0,05mm accuracy.

●Squaring Arm and Front Support Arms

●Germany Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic

●Germany EMB Tubing connector

●Germany Siemens Main Motor


●Hydraulic &Electrical overload protection

●Cutting Line Illumination and wire for shadow line cutting

●Top blade with two cutting edges and bottom blade with four cutting edges.(6CrW2Si)

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